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This must-have electric guitar application combines a great-sounding guitar amp simulator, a super-accurate tuner, and a song practice partner which lets you upload your original ideas, jam along to hits, and slow down riffs and solos to learn them — note-for-note.

PRS Jam Amp is a tireless guitar tutor that lets you load, loop, and slow down audio clips until you’ve got them nailed. Upload and play back popular riffs and songs in MP3 or ACC (unprotected) formats using the onboard web interface.

Change the speed and / or the pitch of songs independently. You can easily match the tuning of popular songs to your guitar within seconds.

Simple Input boost, reverb, crunch/overdrive, and tone controls make PRS Jam Amp a joy to use and play. Whether you’re practicing, recording your latest idea, or just killing time, true inspiration and killer tone is finally as close as your iPhone.

PRS Jam Amp’s main screen lets you play back tracks that you upload and change the speed and pitch independently.

On the Tracks page you can select tracks you uploaded from your computer (no software required) – play back popular riffs and songs in MP3, ACC (unprotected) or AIIF formats using the onboard web interface.

Using the iPhone’s microphone, or with the PRS Guitarbud™ interface cable Jam Amp provides a highly accurate tuner.

PRS Jam Amp™ – the app for guitarists features

Which iPhones and iPod Touches does the PRS Jam Amp work with?

Works with 3G and 3GS iPhones and 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch’s

1st Generation iPhones (non 3G) do not have a powerful enough processor to be effective with all the features of the Jam Amp and is not recomended)

1st generation iPod Touch’s does not have mic input, you can use the Tracks Playback / Trainer features but you cannot access the Guitar Tuner or Live Amp / effects.

For best results you need a cable to connect yoru guitar and headphoens to the iPhone / ipod Touch Check out the PRS Guitarbud™ to get the most out of your PRS Jam Amp app.

You can use the live amp / effects with a headphoen and the built in mic on an on iPhone with headphones (that does not have an integrated mic) for all iPod Touch’s you need to have a guitar to iPhone / iPod Touch cable.

The live Amp / effects and real time pitch shifting of the uploaded tracks utilize significant processing power and perform faster with the iPhoen 3GS and 3rd Geneation iPod Touch.

The PRS Jam Amp is doing very advanced digital singal processing and pushes the limits of the current iPhone / iPod Touch very hard, we are constantly workign to optimize the application for improved perforamnce on existing devlices and will be developing more advanced capablitiees (more effects and amp emulaitons) in upgrades to the app and will be taking advantage of the increased power of the iPad and future iPhones.

  1. That sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to tell my iPhone-owning students about it.

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